Match Courses of Fire

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PCSI Match Shooter Limit

60 Shooters

Continuing in 2017 all competitors wanting to shoot the PCSI IDPA monthly match must preregister at  Search for the club PCSI-IDPA and then register for the match.  The online match registration will be accessible one (1) week prior to the match date.

RGGC Match Shooter Limit

60 Shooters

Preregistration for the RGGC IDPA monthly match will be done at  Search for the Richwood Gun & Game Club and then register for the match.  The online match registration will be accessible by RGGC club members 2-3 weeks prior to the match date.  1 week prior to the match, it will be opened up to the general public to fill the remaining shooter slots.


Pickaway County Sportsmen

Circleville, Ohio

PCSI - November 10, 2018

Ticker Time

O.K. Corral

Wrong Way

Range Time


PCSI - October 13, 2018

Carwash Disaster1

Hateful 8

IDPA 5x5 Classifier

Shoot and Scoot


PCSI - September 8, 2018

Match Cancelled


PCSI - August 11, 2018

Bad Situation

Drop Off Danger

Hamburger Helper



PCSI - July 14, 2018


Stanger Danger

Store Attack

Yard Inspection

A Day of Shopping


PCSI - June 9, 2018


Yard Inspection

Buckeye Blast

Standards Stage

Family Troubles


PCSI - May 12, 2018


IDPA Classifer

PCSI - April 14, 2018


PCSI - March 10, 2018

Double Sided Trouble

Bad Tire





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