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International Defensive Pistol Association

Ohioans for Conceal Carry

Firearms Freedom Pod Cast

Buckeye Firearms Association

Ohio Attorney General & Conceal Carry forum

IDPA Forum

IDPA Classifier shooting tips


Gun Owners of America

United States Concealed Carry Association



IDPA Scenerios




COFs for IDPA by Lin Edwards

Blue Grass Sportsmens League

COF design basics and IDPA library

Coastal Bend Shooters 

IDPA Course of fire library

Easton Tactical Ops 

IDPA home page

IDPA Submitted COFs

Large library of USPSAand IDPA courses

SportShooter.Com Courses of Fire 

Over 1000 IDPA courses

Tactical Shooters Club 

Large selection of IDPA COFs

Tropical Sport Shooting Association 

A large compilation of stages, free for sharing

The Practical Shooting Stage Warehouse


Shooting Ranges




Pickaway County Sportsman, Inc.

Richwood Gun and Game Club

Black Wing Shooting Center



Firearms Training




Ohio Shooting Sports, Ltd



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