Ohio Shooting Sports, Ltd. PO Box 123, Summit Station, Ohio 43073 740-964-1131

Ohio Shooting Sports is based in Central Ohio and is dedicated to providing quality instruction to those who are interested in personal defense and in competition.  We provide professional instruction to students of all ages who are interested in learning about unarmed self-defense and the various defensive disciplines that require the use a handgun, shotgun or rifle.  We are also dedicated to provide educational opportunities that include firearm safety, marksmanship, recreational and competitive shooting.

We believe that the shooting sports can be a very satisfying endeavor than can be pursued throughout one’s lifetime.  We want to bridge the gap in knowledge between the new firearm owner who is interested in personal defense, serious defensive tacticians, martial artists and the practiced athlete who competes in the shooting sports. 

Ohio Shooting Sports, Ltd acknowledges that now more than ever members of our society recognize the need to be self reliant and to provide their own defense.  In recent history, there has been a big surge in firearm ownership and enrollment in self-defense programs.

We recognize that with firearm ownership comes a serious responsibility to seek professional training in order to gain the knowledge to safely handle and operate a firearm.   We owe it to ourselves, our families and to society to seek this knowledge.  We also feel that there is a need to provide unarmed self-defense classes because more often than not a firearm is not the answer to your defensive problem. 

Our classes have the entry level and advanced firearms enthusiasts in mind.  These classes are geared toward the average citizen who is just getting started in their self defense education.  We believe that at any given time you are your own first line of defense.  When seconds count and help is minutes away you must have a plan.  We also believe that your continuing education is pivotal in your success and can be found in our practice routines or in the various shooting competitions found in our area. 

Ohio Shooting Sports utilizes several training facilities conveniently located in the Central Ohio area.  These facilities offer us the opportunity to provide relevant, up to date tactics for personal defense and competition.  We will continue to expand our offering based on the demand of our students. 

At Ohio Shooting Sports we are offering three Learning Tracks. Defensive Handgun Track, Competition Track and FIGHT Series Track.  Our Defensive Handgun Track offers four (4) levels of instruction:  HG1 “Ohio Concealed Carry", HG2 “Core Skill Builders Course", HG3 "Extreme Close Encounters" Combatives for Concealed Carry, & HG4 "Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics and Low Light Skills".  The Competition Track offers three (3) courses of instruction firearm competitions, IDPA, USPSA and MultiGun.  Our FIGHT! Series offers a "Home Defense course, Unarmed Combatives and Defensive Knife. All are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Are you hesitant or skeptical about training with us?  We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you can tell us why this course wasn’t realistic or practical then we will refund the course tuition. We offer the MBG because we know that our training is realistic, practical and hard to beat.

Feel free to explore our services by visiting our website at http://www.ohioshootingsports.com 

We look forward to training with you in the near future!